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Early College Program

The early college program at Lynn Public Schools consists of designated programs in three high schools (Lynn English, Lynn Classical and Lynn Vocational Technical Institute) and Frederick Douglass Collegiate Academy, a “wall-to-wall" immersive early college high school on North Shore Community College campus. Overall, Lynn Public Schools is proud to provide early college opportunities for 1,000 students at capacity within our programs.

In the designation schools, Lynn Public Schools partners with North Shore Community College and Salem State University to offer college courses to high schoolers at Lynn Classical, Lynn English, and Lynn Vocational Technical Institute. Students interested in Information Technology and Business careers enroll in courses through North Shore Community College beginning in ninth grade and eleventh grade at LVTI. Students interested in a career in the Healthcare industry or Education take college courses through Salem State University beginning in the tenth grade.

Early college courses at the designation schools are offered through a unique model; professors from partner institutions come to LPS high schools for weekly lectures and lessons. Early College Coordinators support student success during designated blocks.

Early college coursework is rigorous; courses satisfy both Mass Core high school graduation requirements and students can earn college credit if they earn a C- or above. LPS students can graduate high school with 18+ college credits that are transferable under the Mass Transfer program ( to all Massachusetts community colleges and state universities, including UMass.

For information on early college programs in Lynn Public Schools please contact:

Early College Division: General Contact Email: [email protected]

Early College Administrator: Jenny Winter (781) 477-7220 extension 3155

Early College Coordinators:

Frederick Douglass Collegiate Academy & Lynn Vocational Technical Institute

-Josilyn DeMarco

-Dareisy Perez

Lynn Classical High School

-Derek Edmonds

-Alex Nguyen

Lynn English High School

-Sarah Cowdell

-Frank Sarro