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Kindergarten Registration

For school year 2024-2025 registration will begin February 2024.
Families can call the Welcome Center (781) 592-8796 to schedule appointments beginning February 1, 2024.

For more information about registration please visit the Welcome Center Tab


1. During the last 2 weeks of August, create a routine for your family. Set an early bedtime and stick to it.

2. Work with your child in developing self help skills: tying their shoes, zipping their coats and using the bathroom independently.

3. Talk and listen to your child when you do something together (i.e., eating, shopping or taking a walk).

4. Use counting in your daily activities. For example, count the people in your family, toys, or pages in a book, etc.

5. Teach your child to resolve problems with siblings or friends using his/her words, not his/her hands.

6. Limit the amount of time your child spends watching TV and playing video games. (1 - 2 hours) each day.

7. Read to your child daily! After you read the story, talk about what you read with your child.

8. Have your child practice writing his/her first name. Encourage a correct pencil/crayon grip.

9. Turn driving in the car into fun by playing games such as pointing out familiar signs, finding letters, etc.

10. Encourage your child to be independent by allowing him/her to make certain choices - ("Do you want to wear your red shirt or blue shirt today?").

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